Singapore, Bangkok and beyond…

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We’re now in Bangkok, after a smooth journey from beautiful Singapore and overjoyed to see May again, our Thai intern from last semester. She had returned to Thailand in January. She treated us to an exotic (to us) meal of Pad Thai and Chinese noodles with a sticky rice and mung bean dessert as a pleasant finish. Then we enjoyed fresh fruit at her home while she shared God’s goodness to her in her re-entry to Thailand.Bangkok food stall w May.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Chiang Rai in northern Thailand for a few days to visit a house of prayer and safe house run by Ezekiel Rain. There are several other people and places we’d like to visit as well but are still trying to connect with… House of Joy, Reverend Asholi and the Mountain of Prayer. Pray that we’ll see and do only what God’s doing! This is not a race of busyness, but a journey of rest and sowing lots of seed.

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