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Life on board 'ship' is nearly always at high speed when you live 
life with 14 other people as a mother/father.  Especially while you're 
working towards opening a family-based transitional house for 
trafficked and at-risk women and children!

Then, in the middle of it all, God whispers, "Expansion." and you stop
and wonder, "How, God?!  We're already stretched to what feels like 
maximum capacity."  God answers in one word, "Ask!"  Suddenly we 
understand: we're not meant to expand on our own, we need to ask 
others to join with us.

In response, we decided to cut back our activities for November and focus 
on 'asking'... rebuilding a solid support structure under and around us, 
both locally and long-distance.

Many of you have partnered with us for years in the journey of prayer, 
financial support and friendship. Thank you for all of these!

Below you'll find out more regarding the direction we're headed, and 
the current urgent needs we have.  We'd love it if you'd take a couple 
minutes to scan them and see if you or someone you know may want to 
join us on this adventure. Please send us an email with what you hear!

We thank God for you.


Paula, for Brian and those of us at bigbighouse

*  *  *  *  Our Direction (in a nutshell)

1)  Bigbighouse's overall vision is to establish, 'Safe places,
    in the darkest places, out of the place of prayer'.

2)  Currently that translates into establishing safe, inter-
    generational family communities, where intimacy with God is
    the cornerstone.  These safe communities will become a harbor
    of restoration for victims of injustice, namely survivors of
    sex trafficking (or those at risk).  Our heart is for the
    nations, but we are beginning with our model 'mother house'
    here in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

3)  Our family of five presently lives in this type of family
    community with 11 other stable 20-somethings, many of whom
    we actively mentor.

4)  We also have one room reserved for women and children in need
    of emergency shelter, and get referrals for those in need
    through an organization called Safe Families.  We're also
    working to build trust and relationship with the police
    department, FBI and other local people for referrals of high
    risk or trafficked women and children.

5)  We currently lead and assist in prophetic worship and prayer
    at a Madison house of prayer called The Well twice a week.
    We do this because we're convinced that relationship and
    intimacy with God is what it's all about!

6)  Next August, our immediate family hopes to move into a 4-5
    bedroom home right next door which will serve as our first
    step towards transitional housing.  This will be a smaller,
    all-women home (except for Brian, as 'father'), providing a
    quieter atmosphere of healing.  We're praying to host the
    first of those women by Valentine's Day 2016.

7)  We are also praying that the larger 10 bedroom home would
    continue on, with another mother-father present whom we
    could mentor in the ways of family community life.

8)  Our long term vision is to have a safehouse in this or a
    nearby county that would be the initial place of refuge for
    those rescued directly from the sex trade market.

*  *  *  *  Our Current Needs


1)  Monthly Support

    We currently receive $1,180/mo (net) & God keeps doing daily
    miracles to supply our $1,488/mo rent, besides giving us food
    and more!  We'd like to build that back up to $3,500/mo.
    BTW, our rent includes $188/mo for the 'Safe Families' room
    which we offer as emergency shelter.

2)  New (Used) Vehicle

    Our faithful minivan, given to us by Brian's parents, has over
    197,000 miles.  It's been working well with some recent repairs
    but we know it won't run forever and our mechanic recently told us
    that every fluid in it is leaking. :-)

3)  Other Needs

  * $1,050 ... for the security deposit on the 4-5 bedroom house
    next door that we'd like to move to in August 2015 -- our first
    step towards transitional housing.

  * $1,400 ... medical visits for Brian and I, as we have no health
    insurance).  We have a praise story here -- God blessed Lisey &
    Tessa with free doctor visits while they're in high school thru
    a local community clinic!

  * $2,100 ... dental/visual check ups.  Another miracle story --
    a local dentist has offered Brian free dental care as personal
    support for bigbighouse.

  * Towards family recreation, celebration and play


1)  Happy intercessors, musicians, prophets, singers and
    gatekeepers to help bigbighouse build up the house of
    prayer for the city of Madison,  and...

  * Those who will pray for us regularly wherever you are!

2)  Support Staff/Volunteers/Interns for bigbighouse

  * Intercessors / Worshipers / Musicians / Singers
  * A family, or mother/father for our current house (so that
    we can move to transitional house)
  * Accountant
  * Lawyer
  * PR Spokesperson (i.e. for the cause)
  * Storyteller / Photographer
  * Office Administrator
  * Human Resources Administrator
  * Fundraiser
  * Grant Writer
  * Media/IT (with the website, computers, etc)

3)  Support Staff/Volunteers for Transitional Housing

  * Local board members for the transitional house project.
  * Two or three young women who would live with us in family
    community in the smaller transitional house.
  * Lawyer
  * Grant Writer
  * PR Spokesperson (i.e. for the cause)
  * Storyteller / Photographer
  * Accountant
  * Officer Administrator
  * Human Resources Administrator
  * Licensed Therapist / Psychologist
  * Licensed Art Therapist
  * People who play and laugh, well and often!


1)  Giving Via Allegro: note that up to this point, all of our
    giving has been funneled through Allegro Organizational
    Solutions.  We will KEEP on working with them for the years
    to come because of their experience in handling administration
    for organizations with both domestic and overseas locations.

  * You can CONTINUE giving by check made out to "Allegro
    Organizational Solutions" and mailing it to:

       Allegro Organizational Solutions
       5535 Memorial Dr Ste F-811
       Houston TX 77007

    Please write 'BBHouse.BPD' on the memo line of your checks.
    Allegro will then route your support to us.

  * Online giving is also possible at:
    Please type in 'BBHouse.BPD' in the Account Designation space.

2)  Giving DIRECTLY to bigbighouse: the NEW development is that you
    can now give by check DIRECTLY to bigbighouse because we have
    receive IRS approval as a non-profit charitable corporation.
    Just fill it out to 'bigbighouse' and mail it to:

       927 Chandler St
       Madison WI 53715

 *  We will send you a giving receipt and a return envelope with each
    gift and a tax receipt at the end of each year.

 *  Online giving to bigbighouse will be available by the end of November.

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