We appreciate your support!

Your gift will be processed safely and securely through our PayPal account. Please leave us your postal address and we will send you an annual tax deductible giving receipt.

Can I give gift items like cars, furniture etc.?

Yes!  If you'd like to give us an item that we need, you can receive tax deduction by leaving the following information via our contact page.  All items given are subject to pre-approval by bigbighouse.

  • Description of the gift.
  • Quantity of item.
  • Donor mailing information (including first name and last name).
  • Date of donation.
  • Helpful photos of the item.

Can I get tax deduction for providing professional services?

Yes!  Your unique skill set can help us out and qualify you to receive a tax deduction.

  • Skill training.
  • IT consulting.
  • Legal counsel, tax advice and planning.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Website, mobile app programming.
  • And more!

Just send us a business invoice for your services as proof of value. Our accounting staff reserve the right to determine reasonable value, since we may be questioned on this by the IRS.  All professional services are subject to the approval of bigbighouse.